Major Field Test (MFT) in Economics

Most students with an Economics Major(BA or BBA Degree) must take the Major Field Test (MFT) in Economics as a graduation requirement. Students should take this test during their senior year. Please note that the MFT is NOT offered during the Summer Semester!

Students can obtain more information about the MFT through the Academic Testing Center's website. (There is a link on this page to register for the MFT itself through the internet.)

Fall Semester 2013:

Dates and times for testing:

Registration is now open. The link on the page above to register for the MFT through the internet is:

Registration will close at least one working day before the test date. The Academic Testing Center will order tests on the day after the registration deadline, so applicants who miss the November 10 deadline for registration will not be able to take the test this semester! THE NEXT SCHEDULED MFT WILL OCCUR IN SPRING SEMESTER 2011!!!

Note that students register for the MFT only via the internet at the address above. Please do not attempt to register for this test by calling or visiting the Academic Testing Center, academic advisors, or faculty members.

Each exam date has limited seating.

On the day of the test, candidates should report to their assigned room with an admission ticket and a form of identification containing a photograph (driver's license, ID card, military ID, or passport). The labs on the second floor of Corpus Christi Hall are used for the administration of this test. A candidate's assigned room can be found on the admission ticket. Students should report to the exam site at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled test time. Latecomers will not be permitted into the testing room.

The following items are prohibited in the testing room: hand-held calculators, calculator watches, wristwatch cameras, digital cameras, dictionaries, books, pamphlets, reference materials, papers of any kind, slide rules, protractors, compasses, rulers, highlighter pens and colored pens and pencils, cellular phones/pagers, listening devices, copying and photographic devices, transmission or receiving devices, non-medical electronic devices (laptop computers, digital assistants), hats (unless worn as a religious requirement), food and drinks. Watch alarms or time reminders will need to be turned off.

The Major Field Test (MFT) is an innovative undergraduate outcomes assessment designed to measure the basic knowledge and understanding achieved by students in a major field of study. Test results enable academic departments to better assess and refine curricula, gauge the progress of students compared to others in the program and those in similar programs at schools throughout the country. All MFTs are proctored, multiple choice exams designed to assess mastery of concepts and principles as well as knowledge expected of students at the conclusion of a major in specific subject areas. Many of the tests contain questions requiring interpretation of graphs, diagrams and charts based on material related to the field of study, and score reports may be used in making medium to high-stakes decisions. The test is a two-hour, computerized, multiple-choice examination. For test descriptions and sample test questions, please visit the Educational Testing Service Web Site.